The project, I started to think, what
















The personal project report


 “Application of the Java language to solve accountant’s problems during calculations ”

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Ahmetzhanov Kuanysh


 a student of 10 “D” grade


NIS of Astana city







Table of contents









Taking action………………………………………………………………………………




A list of references……………………………………………………………………….





            When I first heard about the Personal project, I started to think, what I can do now, because later I could have some problems with choosing of the topics and product that I’m going to make. So, because of that, I tried to choose the best topic for me at that moment. By that, I mean, the topic that would be interesting me,because I can work more efficiently, if the topic that I am working on is interesting for me.So, to my mind came some ideas that I could do and they were related with my interests. For example, computer programming was interesting thing to me, because I like technologies,including computers and programming itself. Computer programming is necessary process that solves the problems that can be met in everyday life by creating computer programs using programming language. It shows that, programming can help to our society and there are a lot of examples of this help. Calculators, web browsers, Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Gmail these are example of the programs that we use everyday to make our life more simple.They solve some problems of the people and make their working process more comfortable or even they can help people to relax or increase their mood.And because of this reason, that programming can solve people’s problem, I decided that I will choose computer programming as the topic for my personal project.

            Then I was choosing broad topics, because at computer programming, we have a lot of programming languages and programs types. My future program needs to be useful for the person who will use it. And one of these programs is calculator. Yeah, it is simple, but it makes the calculations faster and that’s why, the productivity of the person who will use the calculator will increase. By that, I can define the future audience of my product and they are, the people that are calculating during their work. It can be accountants, that are make calculations every day.If, we will talk about the programming language, then I chose Java language, because this language is one of the most popular programming language in the world, of course it also interested me, because I don’t know about Java language, I know only about Pascal and C++ programming languages.So, something new to learn is always good and it brings to the development of my programming skills. And by this analysis, I chose broad topic:”Application of the Java language to solve accountant’s problems during calculations”.

            After choosing my broad topic, it is important to define the challenging, but achievable goal, because by this goal, I can later develop my skills at programming greatly. Also, with the challenging and harder goal comes the great responsibility and all skills (research, communicating, social, thinking) will be needed to achieve this goal. My goal is to investigate application of the Java programming language (in terms of calculators or other programs) and create my own calculator to make calculations easier. By that goal, I can investigate my chosen programming language and how it was used, in order to solve people’s problem and also I can show my skills, by creating my own calculator with own features and functions. And this goal will help not only to me, but other people too, I will develop my understanding of programming language Java and my skills at computer programming and other people will have less problems with calculations, because machine calculates faster than human does.

            I considered my topic from the global context “scientific and technical innovations”, because technical innovations and computer programming are closely related to each other. From the technical innovations, the computer programming appeared. And this technical innovation or computer programming has its own applications and impact to the environment. Computer programming has many applications, it is used in almost all spheres to make the all processes there faster, comfortable and easier to do. In my case, Java programming language  has many applications too, because this programming language is universal, it can be used in all operating systems and that’s why it is widely used, in order to make such programs, like calculators, operating systems, web services. This programs have positive influence to environment, as they add more functionality in technologies, solves the problems or make them easier to solve. So, I will focus on the application and impact of the technical innovation (computer programming), because this process (programming) is actual nowadays and in near future, it will become the most important part of our life.





My subject-specific knowledge. Before doing this project, I already had some knowledge about computer programming from the school knowledge. I mean, before studying at NIS, I studied at other schools computer science ,where we learned slightly about computer programming. There, I learned the programming language called Pascal. This language is perfect choice for the beginner programmers, because it is easy to learn it, also the syntax of this language is pretty easy. Then, at 8,9 grades, I learned about computer programming more and more. Because, at that grades, we learned C++ programming language, HTML and CSS experience (how to make websites). This prior knowledge, I hope will help me during my personal project, because in computer programming, we can have common rules, that we don’t need to break. For example, at the end of each line we need to put this sign ; and there are three basic variables in programming: int (it is variable for the numbers), bool ( it is variable for true or false), char ( it is variable for the single character), float ( it is variable for the numbers with the remainder, like numbers 3.64,2.7756). However, each programming language has its own benefits and limitations, features. And now, I don’t know about the Java language, but by the investigation, I can increase my level of understanding of this programming language.

My prior knowledge. Before doing this project, I already had some knowledge from the life experience. My brother, his name is Munar, said to me different things about computer programming. Munar specialization is web design, where he makes code for the program that will be in the website of one company. He said me about, programming languages,including Java. He said that, Java is great language and he actually works on this language. The main advantage of the Java, according to his words, is that we can Java language in all operating systems and also that Java is object-oriented language, it means we can create objects, classes in the code of the program.

Research skills. During my investigation, I searched for the advantages of the programme and I learned this language. Also, I have seen some example of the application of this language and I focused on calculators, because my product will be the calculator, so I might inspired by the programs made on this language.

1.Using website, I learned the basics of Java language. I remembered and learned new or old terms like variables, if/else, comments, objects and classes,calculations. So after meeting this terms, I can slightly answer this question. To use Java language, you need compiler programme or programme that will execute your programme and show the result in another tab. Using this compiler programme make our life easier, because in this programme you can design your programme and change it code. Then to write code we need add variables and objects,classes. By adding objects, classes and changing their behavior we can create simple programmes.(program name is Eclipse) To design programme, like I said we need compiler programme. In this programme we can design our programme, add buttons, tabs, spaces to write. Also, we can change their properties, size,color,font size. By adding buttons and tabs, we can design calculator, all

changes in design will be written in code as text. So, it makes compiler programme the best choice to make calculator.    

2.I found some example of calculators that were made by Java language and I analyzed them.





Product:Google calculator

1.Simple and understandable design.

2.Easy to access. you need just type equation or calculator in google seach.

1. Works only when you have internet.

2.It has not all functions (like converter and other modes,engineer, statistics)

How product solves the problem: It is very good and simple programme that can help people to calculate simple equations. However, it can’t solve complex equations, like determining interest rate and other aspects in economics. But, it easy to use, you just need internet to use it.





1.It can solve equations from written paper.

2.It is very comfortable and mobile to use it,because this programme is on the phone.

It can solve hard equations and it shows step-by-step how it solved the equation.

1. Only focused on algebra.

2.Sometimes, it is not comfortable to use it,because you need to focus camera correctly, in order to send equation to programme.

How product solves the problem:Very interesting mobile programme, it can solve simple and hard equations, but some complex equations can’t be understood by the programme. Very useful in calculations, because this programme focused on mathematics and calculations.



Product:Windows calculator

1.You don’t need to download it, it already exists on your computer as default programme.

2. Internet access is not needed.
3.It has several modes for specific uses, like engineering, programming, statistics.

4.Simple design and good color choose.

5.It can convert some variables (like money,mass).

1.It is too small, uncomfortable to use. Buttons are small too. And you can’t adjust the size of the calculator.

2.Some additional functions are missing.

How product solves the problem:It is available default programme that can help solve both simple and complex equations for accountants It has several modes, like statistics that make calculations of accountant more easier. This calculator, also can convert values that makes accountant’s work easier. They now can just convert values on calculator, not finding values by own mind.










Plan to create my project.





Objective(What I am going to do)


How I will achieve it?


1 September

Understand the personal project and choose broad topic, goal and global context

 I need to know, what I’m going to do. Without proper topic, goal and global context, I can’t create product.

I need to choose the topic that is interesting to me. After, making the chosen topic into broad topic, I need to choose the global context that is connected with my topic. To make a goal, I need to make it challengeable, but achievable and after achieving this goal my skills should be improved.


22 September

Meet with my supervisor and discuss my chosen topic, goal and global context

I need to see, is my chosen topic, goal and global context are correct? Supervisor can correct your ideas or give you direction, that you can follow. So, the meeting with supervisor, will improve your topic,goal and global context.

I just need to come to my supervisor at the time when he is free from his duties. Then, I need to show him my ideas or chosen topic,goal and global context.


From 1 September until 1 November

Learn Java programming language by using website.

I don’t know about Java language, so to make product using this language, I need to learn it. By learning it, using reliable website, I can fastly increase my skills at this programming language.

I will achieve it through guides that are written at the website. In this website, we have guides for beginners, where step-by-step written about the basics of Java language. By completing guides at this website, I will improve and learn Java language.


1 November-3 December

Create the calculator using Java programming language.

This is main step, where I will create my product. This is the important part, because calculator is the result of my whole work.

Firstly, I will need to download compiler programme (Eclipse), that will help to write code on this language and design calculator. Then, using my new knowledge that was obtained from previous step, I will write the code for this calculator.


10 December

Show my product to the supervisor

Supervisor can tell me the bad and the good sides of my product. By this feedback, I can later develop it.

I just need to come to my supervisor at the time when he is free from his duties. Then, I need to show him my product.


10 January

Develop my product, according to the feedback given by supervisor

According to the feedback of the supervisor from the previous step, I will improve my product by deleting the weak sides of my product. This will make my product better.

I need remember supervisor words, his feedback and then, in the Eclipse, try to fix or add the things that he told me.


Criteria for the product.


Achievement level

Level descriptor


The student does not reach a standard described by any descriptors below


i.demonstrates minimal technical skills during making product.

ii.creates the product that brings minimum benefit to the accountants.

iii.creates the product that functions badly.


i.demonstrates low technical skills during making product.

ii.creates the product that brings partial benefit to the accountants.

iii.creates the product that functions partially.


i.demonstrates good technical skills during making product.

ii.creates the product that brings benefit  to the accountants.

iii.creates the product that functions almost completely.


i.demonstrates excellent technical skills during making product.

ii.creates the product that brings great benefit  to the accountants and solves their problem completely.

iii.creates the product that functions fully.


Self-management skills.


                                                              Taking action

The process of creating the product.

1. First of all, at this screenshot you can see that I created the “bone” of my programme. By that, I mean I created the 3 panels at which my programme will have its own functions.The each panel has own function and purpose, but all of them are made to make my accountant’s life easier. As you know, my audience is economists, that calculates a lot and three panels: calculator, currency converter and calculator of interest rate will make them more efficient. The application is the combination of three essential parts of my audience job. So, in this screenshot I created 3 panels and I changed the layout of the getContentPane to the CardLayout, to make transmissions between panels easier and possible.



2. In this screenshot you can see, mine first step of making the first panel- calculator. I think, this is the hardest panel, because there are a lot of buttons, that have each own unique action. So, I need to make action to each button, to make my calculator effective and useful. As you see, I added only buttons and I named them. However, I didn’t add function to them.


3.In this screenshot you can see the second step of making calculator and in this case, I added functions to the numbers (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0), their action is simple, when you will press them their number will be displayed on the textfield.


4.In this screenshot you can see, the finished calculator. As you see, I added all actions to the all buttons. Also, I created combobox that helps navigate through all three panels. I added one button too and this button is backspace.In this calculator, I used a lot of new commands. For example, to make action for the square root, I used command Math.sqrt, in order to find the square root of any number. Also, in this calculator I used new variable called double, it is the all numbers (for example, both 4 and 4.53434 are double numbers), it was used to make calculations more accurate.


5.In this screenshot you can see, the finished currency converter. As you see, there are 1 editable text field and 1 not editable textfield. The editable text field is for input and the not editable text field is for output. Input will be made by the accountants and the output will be calculated by the programme. Also, I used two comboboxes, they help to change currencies. I added 4 currencies: there are, rubles, dollars, euros and tenge. This are the 4 main currencies and with them accountants works all time. The button “Convert” makes the mathematical operation and displays the output in the second text field.

6. In this screenshot you can see, the finished calculator of the interest rate. There are 4 editable text fields and they are inputs that will be written by the accountant. I added the explanation of each variable, to make it easier to write the correct numbers in correct text field. Button “Calculate” calculates compound interest by the formula:A=P(1+r/n)^n*t. In this panel, I used the new command called Math.pow, it helped me to calculate exponent n*t.











Thinking skills.

Social skills.

Communication skills.

Evaluation of the product according to self-developed criteria

Impact of the project on my knowledge and understanding of the topic

Impact of the project on my personality


A list of references

1.Learn to code, interactively, for free. (n.d.). Retrieved October 01, 2017, from

2.Compound Interest Formula – Explained. (n.d.). Retrieved October 01, 2017, from



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