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Do you know how to be a good friend? Do you know how to be a better friend? To be friends is not giving things to each other or just talk to each other. To be a friend is to be with person in the good things and in the bad things. Supporting that person when that person had a bad time. To be friends means to support that person when that person is not good at that time and showing that person you care about he/she.One thing that can be done to be a best friend it´s always be with that person and say that person how is he/she important to you. Is very important to have trust with that person both and is also important spend time with that person, so you know more about that person.  Another thing that can be done to be a better friend is not bothering that person with something personal or of something he/she doesn´t want to talk about. You never need to talk of something personal of your best friend to other person without asking if you could do it or that person can get angry with you and it will be lost the trust between that person and you.The third thing can be done to be a better friend would be try to fix your defects and try to change your bad things. The best thing you could do is to accept the defects of your best friend and don’t say that person something when he/she make a mistake because everyone make mistakes and none is perfect.Another thing that can be done to a better friend is to share moments with that person to know that together is better that alone and every one by its side, the best thing to have friends is that your real friends help you and support you when you get problems and never let you alone in a difficult time or when you need to solve difficult problems. There are many things to be a better friend and to have a better friend relationship with all of your friends. Another thing that can be done to be a better friend would be treat him/her how you want to be treated by that person. Remember that you need to treat that person with respect to him/her and his/her things. You need to give understanding to that person so that person know that you can help him/her in problems he/she need to solve.Another thing that can be done to a better friend is to show people how you are and most to your best friend so then when you know how you are you need to be how you are. To show how you to your best friend is very important because if that person don’t know how you are in real person that person can’t trust in you. Another thing that is important to be how you are is that the best friendship is when between of the two is honesty and truth with the things we do because that can hurt that person if we lie to them, they will not trust in you anymore.Something that can be done to be a better friend is to don’t press that person with difficult decisions or problems. You don’t need to make her do something if that person don’t want to do it, and it’s a bad thing make that person do thing for you threatening with a secret of something she did because they get mad at you by doing that.Other thing you can do to be a better friend is when you fight or have a problem with that person say that person how you are sorry with honesty words and sometimes they get angry if you do it at message and its annoyed when someone do that to you, most if that person was the one that start the fight or the problem you have with that person.Try to be better friend so you don’t have problems with your best friend so then you can be regretful.


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