after is also considered at the end

after delivery,
analysing how it was delivered end-to-end.

Can we improve
the procedure? Certainly, only by considering the choice of the 3PL differently
or by questioning the way of working together. Remarkable indications
discovered with experience and passed on in the form of rules will serve, in
the same way as customer segmentation in analytical CRM, to provide, for example,
the risk rate that a 3PL presenting such and such a particularity is likely to
reproduce negative events.

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Another vision
of the subject is to group steps 2 and 3 into one, which the research firm AMR
Research calls the strategic sourcing process. This extends from the analysis
of the expenditure and the definition of the supply strategy, until the issue
of the order passage.

evaluation is also considered at the end of the chain for process improvement purposes…


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